Prayer Child = Man Child = New Man = True Church

This website's purpose is to develop the true church which obeys the Gospel (John), believers who do all Jesus did (DAJD) except claiming to be Jesus, the top dimension of the Kingdom of Heaven. We also define the bottom dimension of the Kingdom, the disobediences of Paul which make the Rev. 17:5, 18:4 false churches. Thus we must follow Jesus, not Paul, to be in church at all.

The house of prayer or prayer child is the Bible's man-child in Revelation 12:5 and Isaiah 66:7-8, the new man, the true and only actual church. Its members are Jesus believing and doing Christians and Jews worthy of ascending to God's throne. This new man is the most important project now on earth. It brings Heaven On Earth!

You Have A Spirit

You may hear the word spirit and not know you personally have one. Sensing your spirit is more subtle than the 5 senses taught in school: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste until you focus your attention on and get spiritual experience. Your first spiritual experience is love. Your spiritual exercise is prayer or a deep yearning for whatever you need. Spiritual play in church is fun. Some develop intuition sensing other peopleís desires. Your best spiritual contact and example is Jesus Christ who you can learn about by reading, praying, loving, applying, and learning a Gospel in the Bible Ė Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Now suppose you can have anything you want by Godís miracle power. Itís best to master Jesusí miracles first so they become more than coincidences, they become talents you can do at will. Healing is an important focus of Jesusí miracles, growing from minor healings like a fever to medium problems like healing people born blind, to major healings including raising the dead. Just think if everyone mastered these spiritual talents, hospitals would become obsolete because of the abundance of miracle healings. Likewise, Jesusí other talents give life abundantly and we can pray to gain all of them as we grow on to greater things which He promised. Would you like to meet together with a dozen other people wanting to learn Jesusí spiritual talents?

We need to get you on board the true church instead of the mainstream traditional church. Everyone can decide to love Jesus in His true church and follow Him wherever he goes instead of being left behind. Here's a few tips:

  • The Spirit of Truth reveals Jesus is the absolutely perfect example for us to become like in every way except claiming to be Jesus himself.
  • Jesus the Creator was the best Bible analyst ever. So everything we need is covered in the New Pentateuch, (Mt Mk Lk Jn Rv) the 5 books with most of Jesus' recorded words, the full Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • A spiritual meeting of believers in and for Jesus Christ is church. But:
    1) The true church which came down from heaven in Jesus' blood loves Jesus first and is composed of wise overcomers (Rev. 2:26-27, 3:21) worthy of ascension or rapture in Rev. 12:5. Foolish believers (Mat. 25:1-12) will be left behind in Rev. 12:6.
    2) The commercial Bible clubs falsely called church which are built on the foundation of Paul's violation of Jesus the Creator's commands by selling love for money (Rev. 17:5 prostitution) paying for positions of hierarchy and more money serving, Jesus asks us to come out of in Rev. 18:4 proving they are frauds, not churches.
  • Paul was chosen as less than the least of all saints Eph. 3:8 so anyone that follows Paul is by definition outside Jesus' kingdom Matthew 11:11, Luke 7:28.
  • People who follow Paul learn to disobey Jesus on positions and money like Paul did.
  • Following Paul outside Jesus' Kingdom may produce a false picture of Jesus with doctrines and desires of demons that support the false churches.
  • History proves people who practice bottom of the barrel Pauline Christianity die instead of ascending to God's throne like Enoch and Elijah. Will you follow Jesus to get control over your life John 10:17-18?

    The goal of getting the Gospel into your heart can start with listening to it so it gets familiar then learning it to memorize and recite it but you must also learn what it means and move forward from mere Bible logic to spiritual experience. Matthew 13:23

  • Listen to an audio of a Gospel daily. You'll often hear new things you didn't catch before. Combine prayerful openness with moving your mouth according to the words.
  • Practice reading a Gospel aloud and recording it until you can listen to the Gospel in your own voice. Speak the gospel as you listen until you can speak it from memory unassisted.
  • An advantage of memorizing a Gospel is you can recite it as needed to get back on track, if your heart gets drawn off by contact with the world.
  • Pray to want and love for Jesus' miracles to happen in your life. A simple one is to pray for hearing a child speak perfected praise. Matthew 21:16
  • Grow through simple healings like applying faith to heal a fever Luke 4:38-39, to more elementary healings like a hospital illness Luke 8:43-44, to advanced healings like healing blind people John 9:13-14, to the ultimate healing of raising people from death Matthew 10:8.
  • Pray for mastery of all Jesus' miracles until they become talents Matthew 25:15-16 instead of coincidences.
  • Preach the Gospel announcing the kingdom of God Matthew 10:7 for all to participate in freely.

    With the Gospel in your heart, you will experience spiritual power to do things you previously never imagined.

  • You can pray to end nations and organizations that persecute Christians Rev. 2:26-27.
  • You can preach the gospel to the whole world by prayer. Rev. 5:13
  • You can perform all of Jesus' miracles and greater works John 14:12
  • You can multiply the talents God gives you into more. Mat. 25:20-21
  • You can increase walking with God and Angels. The books of Enoch, Elijah, and Jesus' Gospel indicate they all experienced interacting with angels which should help you ascend to God's throne.
  • We need to prayerfully get ready for the true church. Even if we only start one group of 12, we have to do it for 3.26 years like Jesus did and to do so as He did, we must grow in the entire spectrum of Jesus' miracles enabling us to teach the Gospel to others in 3 years, in Spirit and Truth, experiential reality not just memorization.

    The top dimension of the kingdom of God is Jesus Christ and his true church which actually does what Jesus did except claiming to be Jesus. The bottom dimension of the kingdom is defined by Paul, predestined in Matt 11:11 to be less than the least of all saints as he said in Eph. 3:8. The application of these two measures is worth prayer.

    The top dimension requires we do all of the Gospel in spirit and word, including parts of the Gospel never taught in denominations like the equality of believers in Matt. 23:8 and practicing miracles until they become talents in Matt. 25. How long has it taken you to memorize the Gospel? Jesusí students did it in 3 years, enough to write what we have.

    The bottom dimension is the disobedience allowed by believers who can still be accepted in the Kingdom. If one disobeys Jesus on setting up elders and other positions violating the equality in Mat. 23 like Paul did, you may still be accepted like Paul but your work will be destroyed by Rev. 18:4. If you are following Paulís bottom of the barrel example intentionally you are by definition below the bottom of Godís kingdom thus are outside of it in Satanís kingdom. If you are following Jesus only and make some mistakes like Paul did you can be accepted though as least in the Kingdom, Matt. 5:19.

    So it is possible to righteously shed Pauline traditions to have a pure hearted walk toward Jesus. While it was necessary from Godís perspective to define the bottom of His Kingdom, it is not required that we spend any more time in it than Jesusí 12 disciples did, which, from Jesusí teaching, was zero. Just think how much closer we could be in our walk with Jesus the Creator if we never saw or heard of Pauline Christianity beyond a brief warning like Jesus gave, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. We must turn from disobedient hypocrisy and provide the true church for everyone who is willing.

    I talked a brother meeting in my home into laying his hand on my shoulder and praying to heal me which caused a blister to disappear completely by the next day, not popped and have a wound to heal over weeks. Iím looking forward to mastering all of Jesusí miracles.

    What the Gospel teaches, which is our duty as Jesus' believers, is a foundation to build a truly spiritual life where we instantly follow Jesus' direct personal leading by inspirations, visions, dreams, revelations, and acts of His will. We must all grow into that direct spiritual interpersonal cooperative obedience of His life like a true bride does for her husband. While learning to follow Jesus directly, we must learn what He actually wants us to do as well as the woman who put perfume on Him for burial, before he was crucified. We must also observe to learn what things to avoid in our real life beyond the lesson of avoiding Paul's disobedience.

    Putting it all together, the true church is truly following and obeying Jesus Christ as written in the Gospel. Jesus taught His students intensely in Word and Spirit for 3 years then got out of their way. Unfortunately they didnít follow His perfect example, but we can. By not getting out of the way, hierarchies developed as did selling love for money, prostituting Jesusí pure word and church. We have to do church like Jesus did, multiplying 12x12 every 3 to 3.5 years which would produce a Christian world in 10 cycles or about 30 to 35 years, building the greatest group of people in Bible prophecy, the manchild. Working with Spirit like Jesus did can be more interesting and productive than a job.

    They'd make the economy of man worthless due to the abundance of miracles from God - so much free miracle food farms and grocery stores would become obsolete, so much spiritually downloaded education schools would become obsolete, so much life in every sense, money would become obsolete. And when the beastly people who donít want Jesusí life on earth threaten, believers would simply follow Jesus literally into heaven and wherever else He goes, perfecting the dead in heaven into the New Jerusalem, to come down to earth as Jesusí Bride at the end of Revelation.

    Pray! Church must be obtained from God first before it comes practically. In my case I prayed for a better church than my parent's IC in high school and God answered showing me someone who would be in my church. Since then I've learned even that wasn't good enough, I now pray for Jesus' church, He must be the owner.

    My advice is gather 12 youth and teach them a Gospel so they remember it. Then they will be less deceived by IC teachings and will likely grow closer to Jesus as they consider all we know of Him. When they have learned to obey it in 3 years, have them pray to the Lord of the Harvest to be sent to start their own group of 12 and repeat. Doing what Jesus did could spread around the world in 10 cycles or 35 years if you obey Jesus' example of teaching for 3 years then getting out of the way.

    A progressive walk with Jesus until able to do one or more miracles Jesus did on a consistent reliable basis as a talent instead of a coincidence will demonstrate spiritual growth.

    Action Plan:
  • Pray, loving everyone into the loving and true Jesus first church (Mat. 16:18)
    also out from divided traditional denominations (Rev. 17:5, 18:4).
  • Read and remember a Gospel or the whole New Pentateuch (Mt Mk Lk Jn Rv) the 5 books with most of Jesus' recorded words.
  • Practice doing what the Gospel says as much as humanly possible with God's perfect help.
  • Do all Jesus' miracles, mastering His talents before asking for greater works which He promised.
  • Preach the true church to all inhabited earth by prayer (Rev. 5:13) and all other means.
  • Reach out to Heaven preparing for ascension to God's home and following Jesus wherever He goes.
  • Build the believers in heaven into the New Jerusalem to prepare to come down to earth as Jesus' bride.
  • What happens after 6-7 years when you have learned to teach others the Gospel intensely in Spirit and Word and have done so with another group of 12? Continue prayerfully walking with God. He may lead you to start another group of 12 so after 10 cycles you'll have 120 friends John 15:15, without having a hierarchical relationship. He may lead you to help other groups overcome the seven church problems in Rev. 2-3.

    Why is the Bible so hard to understand? There are several reasons. God wants you to keep loving Him, so you must love His words to understand them. He wants to keep the truth hidden from the unworthy who would twist and misuse the truth. He condenses at least 3 times more truth in His language so a Bible written in plain English would be at least 3 times as long. The Bible Codes show there are even deeper complexities that are prophetic. He wants to raise your level of thinking toward His level. The perfect interlocking logic from many writers proves God exists.

    The true church follows Jesus Christ's perfect example as much as humanly possible, learning and obeying the Gospels and Revelation or New Pentateuch where most of His recorded words are. Jesus gave the perfect analysis of the Old Testament so we need only believe and follow Him in Spirit and Truth by praying always.

    There is much prayer work to do. We must create the true church to spread across the world converting as many nations into fully Christian nations as possible and build the majority of people on earth into the man-child by prayer.

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